Question about Admob account ban

Hi everyone, while I was testing my application, I forgot to implement the test mode, and I clicked on 2 ads to see how it works, and it generated 0.04 usd revenue.
My question is that, is it possible that I will get banned for this? I read stories about people getting banned for no reason, so I’m really nervous about it.


You’re probably fine just don’t do it again.

Ok, I won’t. I deleted the application from admob, and removed the ads from the game.

I don’t think you needed to be so drastic!

I’ve done it plenty of times by accident and I still have my account 2 years later :slight_smile:

That’s pretty paranoid :smiley:

Seems you are new to app developement/ads. There will be much more shit you have to go through if you step into this sick business :smiley: