Quantity vs. Quality

Hi there,

I wonder, if it would be better to publish a crap-app every two weeks or a better one in which you put much effort, but in the end it doesn’t pay out.

I once published an app called. Make Me rich and localized to English, German and Spanish. It does nothing, except counting how much money I made with this app trough advertising. I haven’t updated it for months and still have about 40 active installs from almost 700 downloads.

Recently I publish my translator app, not tooo much work, but it is no crap and takes some time. I created a simple website for the app and I am partnering with a big company. Since March 23rd, I got about 170 total installs and 88 active. Made little bit over 1USD.

My question is, if I would publish a fart-o-rama. puke-o-rama and laugh-o-meter what-ever app every 2 weeks, I would have made more money and can say, I have a nice portofilio of apps ?

Why this work for nothing? What is do think?


go for quality.

I can clearly compare Robo Miner to Laser Blaster Simulator and can tell you that I have to made ~5000 different Laser Blasters to reach the revenue of Robo Miner :slight_smile:

Not every quality app will work that good, I admit, my other games are also more or less going for quality but does not perform as well as Robo Miner, and still needed 200 of them to beat Robo Miner.

So I would suggest to go for quality or at least a really good concept.

Be aware: If your concept is good, but your work is bad - someone will take the concept and make it better (I would do g)