Qibla Finder: Prayer Time & Alarm for Ramadan 2018

Hy hope you all are enjoying life we have an amazing appQibla Finder: Prayer Time & Alarm for Ramadan 2018 that provides accurate Qibla direction , renders the perfect prayer time and also prayer time alarm with Azan. Salat or namaz is the main pillars of Islam so it is important to offer prayer at exact time. Whereever you are just get the Qibla finder enter your location and Qibla direction app will provides you the Mecca. Simply get the Qibla locator ans trace Mecca from all over the world and get the exact timing of Namaz for Ramadan also. Don’t miss the Namaz now.

Here is the link for the app:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tasbihcounter.prayertiming.qiblafinder