[Q] in-app coupons illegal?

Hey guys,

Got a small legal question.

I am currently raising money for a game which is being developed at the moment.
As a reward for every 3€ donation i would like to offer a coupon which deactivates the ads in the app.

As google recently updated their policy https://play.google.com/intl/ALL_en/about/developer-content-policy.html
i thought there might be a legal problem with that coupons.

Thank you guys


I don’t think this is a problem so far, you can even let users disable the ads by letting them fill out a survey, so it should be ok as well, to give them a coupon outside of gplay to remove ads - the app is free after all and google cannot force you to monetize an app :slight_smile:

I remember a passus back the days - not sure if it was gplay - where they forbid to sell any goods outside gplay … but actually you are gifting this coupon not selling - so it should be no problem … anyone experience with that?