[Q] How does impressions and clicks work on mobile app ads?

Oh, so it’s not based on impressions. That kinda worries me, since you can estimate the impressions, yet can’t estimate the installs. One day there will be %90 installs per impressions, next day it’s %1. There is a possibility of a huge revenue loss. And also, I want to set a fixed reward for watching videos. Do you have an average percentage stat for it? Like CTR or something, where it shows the total views and total installs per day? I mean, I’ve been using a smart phone for like 5 years now and I probably installed like 1 or 2 of those apps promoted with videos till now. It does not sound too promising to be honest.

I am curious about the question Jewel asked as well - would you ever consider CPI? - and if not, what are your hesitations?

You shouldn’t worry as the average CPM on the entire network for reward video is very high: above $10 for 1000 impressions.
Most of the advertisers on the market prefer to pay per install and are not interested in reward traffic.
So this solution is a good compromise for your model.

Well, in my situation it’s just a local app for my university. So my target market has 23000 people. I feel like 23,000 installs is not worth considering the other methods. My app is one of those apps where there is low amount of installs, but high percentage of active users. I’m not expecting high install numbers.
How much do ad companies pay on average on CPI method?

10$ for 1000 impressions sound promissing, yet I doubt that I’ll get 1000 impressions per day, so it’s basically the same as interstitials on a monthly basis. Maybe even worse. I mean, even if the %10 of the users watch the video and download the app, it’s not worth. I don’t think it will be more than %10 to be honest.

Hey onurcevik - Adscend Media has varying apps (CPI) as well as other mobile optimized offers (CPA) you can choose to work with. The rates may vary depending on the target country and the app itself. We have droid apps in the US as an example, that pay on install + launch anywhere from $0.20 - $1.00+ We also have intl inventory outside the US on cpi. We can chat more directly as well if you have the time. I’m here on skype: michael.adscend