Push notification trick


I am creating a quote-of-the-day app with an option to receive a daily notification with a quote that pops up daily. It will look something like this but not full-screen:


My idea is to place a banner on top of the notifications.

Would Google ban my app for this? Technically, would it be considered as a push-notification??


That is very valid use case of push notifications.

don’t understand what you mean. is it allowed on GP or will they ban the app?

i think should be ok to put banner ad till the notification has some content related to app but you never know google

I would say no, it’s not legal. But I would show full-screen when user click on this push notification.

I wouldn’t put anything in push message that is not related to your app, I would put a banner or full-screen when push message is clicked or taken into your app tho, that would be ok I think.

Yeah it is legal as it is part of your app, it just cant be an advertisement of an ad network.