Provide large number games (multi-platform)

Hi All!

I come from Splay game, (we are Developer/ Publisher/ Distribution). I have more 100 game (All Type) and I Cooperation revenue sharing, provide for the adnetwork required the large number of games to cater for business purposes, distribution…
I am very pleasure to cooperate with your.
Please contact me:
Email: [email protected]
Skype: suetocxu

Thanks All

i’m from Amobi.I can cooperate with you in the form.
We have store game to support game developers to upload product after you integrated our SDK.
Can I prepay for you 3 product for $ 5,000. (farm business, racing death, king of racing). I test game of your on the Google Play.
I feel extremely interesting

Hi Splaygame,

Just sent you a Skype request. Hope to discuss Airpushs monetization solutions for your games.


It seems like these web-based/mobile-based flash games are becoming more popular these days.