Promotion JV searched

We were a long time silent readers here in this forum, now will try it, too.

I am looking for some guys, who are able to promote my apps.
We will add display ads, package name, image, signature and app name of your choice to it.
Because We don’t want to share the source, we would prepare everything and provide the finished apk.
There is nothing fancy added, but an airpush smartwall.
We developed the app the last two years and should be more or less bugfree :slight_smile:
We did good money since dec12 with one copy, but there is much more potential, which we would like to share, if we get help.

Just hit us, if you are interested.


I think you need to elaborate more on your request
Do you want to get the source code of the app , put your ads then package it ?
what is the revenue model you are offering ?

I don’t know what you want to do, I just understand the half of your post 0o Please explain what the hell is this offer, you seem a bit weird