Promoting your app in your other apps?

Hi, guys

I need to clear something with the new policy and how you can promote your apps.

We want to place our own banner for our game in all of our other apps. We would not use an ad network for that, just make our banner which will link to our game at Play Store and simply place it permanently in all other apps. And it won’t interfere with the paid ads - they would continue to run on top side of the app and our banner would be placed on the bottom side. Also, this game is on another developer page (account) than our current apps.

Is this allowed by Google?

I would appreciate your advice on this.

If those other apps are located in different GP accounts, than someone may use this as a proof for multi-account charge (which is agains GP policy). IMHO that’s even more risky if you place ads in those evil spam like apps, that have very short life time. Some guys (like the reddit android rangers) might track advertisements URLs, and shoot you down along with the game.

Thanks for the reply I0OoIolIlO,

Apart from the different account issue, I am allowed to put my own custom made banner in my apps that would point to another app?

I don’t see a reason why you could not do it.

Advertising YOUR OWN apps is so much allowed that Admob allows you to setup “Admob House Ads” so that in the same space as your admob banner you can show your own custom banner ad (pointing to your own other app). You can then use mediation to show this as well as the usual Admob banner advertising.

While Admob banner ads - it is not recommended to show more than one banner ad in an app (I don’t know where that impression comes from - maybe it is just guidelines - or maybe it is an admob requirement from not burdening their servers too much ?) - but I don’t see why showing YOUR OWN banner ad in one place and the other being Admob banner ads should be a problem.

Or for that matter, I don’t see why showing one Admob banner ad - showing just your House Ads - and another Admob banner ad showing the admob banner ads - should be a problem - since only the second one will have dynamic content from admob.

Clarification on this would be helpful (as I am thinking of showing a Tapjoy banner ad at the bottom (say) and an Admob banner ad at the top of a future app.

I agree with adforandroidapps’s answer. I don’t see any reason for Google to be unhappy with it. What they don’t like is if you use their playstore to get users, and then to redirect them via cross promo on anotherplatform they don’t own (your personnal server, or a competitor). Same for in app purchase, you’d get ban for not using theirs. Cross promoting any app on the the Playstore is probably safe.