Problems with Admob? Switch to the new Admob

Hi guys, sorry if my post is very much noobish but I have some problems and don’t know whether or not they are normal.

First off, I created a very basic app and published it to the Play store with an app through the new admob just to get practice with the process. The app itself wasn’t the main purpose of publishing…lol. Anyways I used to make apps, but this was a year ago. Now I switched my account to the new admob and am having a ton of problems.

(it has been about 24 hours since the switch)

#1) my revenue from the old admob hasn’t been moved over

#2) neither have my impression/clicks, and that kind of stuff.

#3) I added my new app but it isn’t showing any impressions from it either.

#4) I linked my new app to the app store but it isn’t displaying the icon as the others are.

Is there an easy solution I am not seeing? I’ll try waiting a little bit longer, but I’ve never had so many problems with the old admob, I wished they would keep it the way it was.
Thanks for any help! :slight_smile:

Sorry I just realized that the title is misworded

1 - All revenue earned with Admob up until you switched stays with the old Admob system. It will be paid in the way it was always paid (providing you met the threshold for the month).

2 - Again, all data up until the switch stays in the old Admob.

3 - Did you add an entirely new app to the NEW Admob? Please elaborate a bit more :slight_smile:

4 - I’ve found that it takes a few days for newer apps to link up properly, give it a day or two.