Problems with AdMob...not tracking new statistics.

Sorry to annoy you guys about this but AdMob has been really irritating me lately with the large amount of bugs and incredibly low amount of help they offer.

This is my issue:

I’ve searched everywhere to find this statistic (or problem) but have had no luck so hopefully this helps.

I have published an app on the android market on 1/13 and today it is 1/16. AdMob only displayes dashes (not zeros or any numbers) by the number of impressions, clicks, eCPM, etc. etc… However, it is showing current stats on my other legacy apps. I’ve tried to be patient…but 3 days should be enough in my opinion.I just want to make sure that everything is working correctly.

Yes, the ads do show up when running on an phone. And, if it matters, this is for Android and I am using the new updated AdMob.

This is how my AdView looks in the xml: Am I missing anything?




It no one knows a solution, is there at least a contact site for admobs that someone could point me to?


Is that how your adUnitId is formatted? If so that doesn’t look right to me.