Problems login to Airpush

About 10 days ago i’m trying to login to my Airpush account (using Google Login) but i can’t, i have tried in my PC with Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox and i’s imposible. From my iPhone i cant with Safari or Chrome but the unique way i found to login is using Opera Mini (in iPhone).

It’s normal? do you have the same problem? have u have the same problem? how could i resolve it?.



Please PM me your account information so I can determine the reason why you are unable to access your account.



I also have problems with Airpush login, I only can join to my account from IE and from specific networks (From my home I can’t).

The common errors that I get are:

  • Blank page
  • The request or reply is too large.

I use gmail to login.



I have also problems logging in to Airpush.
But only on my phone. Sometimes i need to use the mobile site, sometimes the desktop site, but both look exactly the same. Sometimes nothing works. (design where the googlemail login button is at the bottom)
It just redirects to the same login screen.

No really big problem, on laptop it works fine, but it’s still a problem :wink:

Not to mention their server bandwith sucks… to be the 2nd largest ad network… cough cough…

Who is the first? :smiley:

I’m having the exact same issue, has anyone figured out a solution? I have 3 phones and a tablet on 2 different mobile carriers, and NONE of them can log into airpush unless I connect to the cable internet connection at my house. I’ve also found that it has nothing to do with the mobile browser. I run a wifi hotspot from my phone and when I try to log in using my laptop over my phone’s wifi, it does the exact same thing which is interesting. I also noticed that SOMETIMES if you delete the airpush cookies, it will log in for a minute and then no matter what link you click it refreshes the page and stays where it is even though the link in the address bar changes. It’s really weird, I’ve never seen that happen… If you enter the exact url in the address bar to edit an app for example, it will load. It seems to only affect the dashboard if anybody from airpush is reading this. I really need the ability to manage my account from my android devices. :frowning: Any ideas?

On a side note: Super happy with airpush earnings lately! Airpush earnings are about double the next best network that I’ve been using and if they hadn’t have stepped it up when the google policy changes came into play, I would be making A LOT less. I hope it stays that way.

I haven’t had any issues with logging into my account on Airpush. I would suggest clearing the cookies. I use my laptop, ipad and iphone to login to my account throughout the day. Hopefully the problem will be resolved shortly.

I have the same issues. Worked on mobile for a day, switched to a new browser and worked for another day. Really odd.

I’ve try from another computer and the problem could be for connection speed, now, i can login from Chrome, Firefox and all browsers but in my mobile still can’t open with Safari but can use Opera Mobile, i’m not sure if it’s airpush problem or Google Api problem.

I hope it helps to resolve the problem.

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