Problem with AdMob/InMobi - interstitials pop up but no interstitial code!

In my app I use AdMob mediation with AdMob and InMobi.

Since a couple of weeks I get a lot of complaints (both via email and 1-star reviews) about my app showing full-screen ads. Apparently these ads pop up without being opened explicitly. I also had reports about Google Play opening automatically without a banner being tapped on. These ads seem to interrupt the game at arbitrary points (I have a 60 seconds refresh interval, I guess it’s when the ad refreshes).

The funny thing is I don’t have any code in my app to load or show interstitial ads! I use AdMob mediation to show banner ads only. I use 320x50 on phones, 468x60 and 728x90 on tablets, nothing else.

Although I tried to alternately turn off both networks for a couple of days I was not able to figure out which network is responsible. There were no reports during that time.

Has anyone experience similar problems?

Does anyone know how this is even technically possible?