Problem when sign up for App Indexing for Google Search

Hello everyone,
I just mistake when sign up for App Indexing for Google Search. And now, I can not find my app on Google Play Search, but the direct link to my app still live.

Did anyone faced the same problem as me and how to resolve this issue?
Any suggestion is welcome.

Thank you!

This is the first time I hear about such thing ,
What do you mean by App Indexing ?
would you please elaborate …
Thank you

I just click here (image) 2014-02-11_162107.jpg , and then fill info and submit. After that I face this problem.

I never noticed the app indexing option either but I’m having a similar issue right now. One of my newly published apps isn’t showing up in the play store results but the direct URL works and the portal is showing installs… I’m about to republish the app because I have no idea what’s going wrong

Problem fixed, check your app @xuquang

Yes, this problem has been fixed. it caused by google not by App Indexing for Google Search.

Thanks @moneymike55

In layman’s words, what is this App Indexing on Google Search good for? Any examples, please? Thanks.

OK, found it. :slight_smile:

Google Bringing App Indexing To All Android Apps