Problem validating bank account with ad-mob (link not working)


5 days ago I created an admob account. Everything went ok, ads are being served and I’m waiting for my PIN to be sent to my email.

The problem, is that I’ve got the google transaction in my bank account and I would like to verify my bank account but the link provided by google does not work. When I click it nothing happens (A loading can be seen just for a second and then dissapears). I have tried to click it with Firefox and Chrome. Same thing happens. If I open the link in another tab I get a blank page with a rectangle on the top. Could anyone help here to guess what is happening?

A screenshot of the link can be seen below:

Thanks in advance.

from time to time links don’t work in admob. Go into your Adsense account and edit the settings there.

If you are not using Chrome but Firefox try opening the link in Chrome. Admob only displays correctly in Chrome for me.


Thanks a million. I got into adsense directly and I was able to validate the account. This guys sux a lot. Do not realize that payments is the most important things to developers?

Again, thanks a lot.