Privacy Ace App: Is it any good?

Hello Friends,

My name is Ivaylo and I am new to the forum. I decided to make a registration, because I wanted to ask for some help from you guys. For the past few weeks, I have been looking for an app that can help me protect my personal information (Facebook, Phone gallery, Call logs, etc.) on my smartphone (currently using Samsung Galaxy S5). I have tried quite a few free apps from Google Play such as AppLock, Smart AppLock and the like. Among those, I came across this app called Privacy Ace. To be honest, I liked the design and interface of Privacy Ace. Both very pretty simple and user friendly. On the other hand the other apps I tried (i.e. Smart AppLock) offer more features (i.e. ‘Observer’ feature; if someone tries to access your phone and enters the wrong password a few times, the app takes a picture of that person and later on you can see who has tried to break into your phone). However Smart AppLock, for example, has kind of a clustered interface. It was really difficult for me to find out how to use the various features of the app. I really got frustrated while trying to figure out how to use it. I am not the most intelligent person, but I know how to use smartphones, if you know what I mean. Still I am looking for something that is simple to use and can get the job done.

So my question basically is: has anyone else tried Privacy Ace and is it any good? How is the app performance-wise? Should I give it a try? Feel free to suggest other apps of the same type too.

Thanks for the help in advance

hey, I was looking for such an application too, and I should say thanks as you mentioned this one. Its definitely batter than the others as it comes with an additional feature, I mean, it actually monitors and logs all attempts, made to break inn to the restricted areas in your phone. The overall rating of this application is sophisticated too as well as the total downloads. So, am going to download it.

I am searching for another kind of app too, that can enable me to operate my phones camera in something like a privacy mode. so the camera should save the pictures in this mode, directly to a designated folder, and not in the standard gallery. Please suggest if you or anyone else knows about any such application

I have found this app called Leo Privacy Guard and I am using on my android currently. I would say it function quite efficiently to hide my privacy information like private photos, videos and other files.

You can give it a try, its available for free in Google play store to install.

yeah i also found the leomaster to cover the privacy needs of everyone.its free

I also use Leomaster privacy apps. It helps my files in private you can find it in google play…

Leo Privacy Guard is the best one for securing your device.