PRIMARY Ad Network For you

Hey guys,

Which ad network do you use most in your apps and how its performing for you…Please provide your ecpm so others can use good performing networks

My Networks for Google play are

  1. ADMOB - $0.60-0.70 rpm

2)Mobilecore - $0.80-1.00 ecpm

3)Startapp - $0.50 ecpm

FOR 3rd Party stores i use Airpush bundle 2 SDK

Supersonic’s eCPM for interstitials is currently $3. Sign up today and get $100 bonus to spend on mobile UA! More here!

Appnext are the best for me - about $4-$6 eCPM across all my apps (users are from a lot of countries. I can elaborate if someone is interested).

I need the screenshot because I am also using Appnext but the result is not satisfying!

Guys we don’t want to hear ecpm from ad networks but from developper. When ad networks say we have ecpm of 3$ it look spammy for us so please stop doing that.

I have 0.79 rpm with admob.
It goes up and down though.
Main thing what i like about the admob is revenue stability and payment schedules.

Two doubts i wanna know:-
By 3rd party apps you mean apps hosted on Non-Google stores? please correct me.

Why existing networks can not be good with 3rd party apps? why onlt Airpush for 3 rd party apps?

  1. yes,3rd party store are non-google stores

  2. All most all of the existing network takes user to playstore when they click on ad.People use third party stores when they don’t have playstore or they don’t like using playstore because of so many spam apps whe they search for something.So adclicks give less ecpm in 3rd party stores so less revenue

  3. I use airpush bundle 2 for my 3rd party store because of pay per download model.They give money for unique download not for ads though bundle 2 have some cant get ppd when user already have an app with bundle 2 sdk

Can i use amezon ad network in my apps hosed by amezon store?

is there any good ad network for amezon apps which gives revenue just like admob?

i do not want to use ppd model. It asks users to accept Eula in the beginning and most of the users do not like it. Moreover after download revenue there is no revenue in few ppd models.

I never used amazon ads.But amazon ads in their store works good i think.

you really so awesome, knowing a lot of ad network and having a contrast.

most developers use airepush bundle 2 in third store, later, they also use SinceStar sincestar, like the bundle 2, pays for per download, up to 0.06$. however, sincestar also share the ad revenue. so the developer can not only get the per download revenue also get the ad revenue. it is really amazing.

from your point, i get that you do not like ppd model, as there is no long-time revenue.

i think SinceStar can solve the problem. it provides PPD model and ad revenue share at the same time. weekly payment and low payment threshold

I never heard of your network before.Where is your company located.How about your Geo.Please provide full details.People don’t trust random networks these days.

if you do not heard before, that is our fault. we need to ad then more of you know us.

we are located in China. i have post a thread about sincestar, you can click the following link

you can also see other developers have cooperated with us.

By the way, you just need one week to see whether we are deseerved your trust.

SinceStar, your another ad revenue choice, PPD+AD REVENUE SHARE - Advertising Networks - Making Money with Android

let me post the detail here
site: SinceStar
AD DISPLAY: push and smartwall out
Here are the prices

SinceStar pays for PPD and SHARE AD REVENUE at the same time.

PPD: pay per download of your app with our sdk
high value countries: US$60/ 1000 new installs of your App
medium value countries: US$50/ 1000 new installs of your App
low value countries: US$40/ 1000 new installs of your App

SHARE AD REVENUE: The mobile users will click the ad, install a new app, or other action. Through the process, the advertiser will pay a certain of ad fare to us. You will get 70% of the ad revenue your apps produce.