Presentation Videos - Do They Help You Rank Better?


there are many services on Fiverr for creating a pretty solid app presentation videos. I wonder, do those videos help with ranking, or are they just an extra feature?

I know Google says videos are important and recommended, but I’m not sure, if they would help to rank my apps.

Could you please share your experience or thoughts?


Google claims people are more likely to download your game when they see a video.
I have added videos of various quality (some good, made by someone from Fiverr, some made in a haste by me) and didn’t see any impact on downloads.
I suppose it might depend on the type of app/game - mine are often vertical which makes them hard to really show on video.

Thanks for the input, @Magnesus. I too started out with equipping every app with a video I made, but after removing them, I didn’t see a difference. However, I’ll try to upload one again and see how it goes. If nothing else, I’ll make a compelling description on YT and maybe that will help with downloads.

On a side note, I have a one quite successful video on YT (over 700.000 views) and I linked it to one of my paid apps on Amazon. To my amazement, it doesn’t help a lot with sales at all. :-/

I can share the same experience. My videos didn’t help either.
Also I noticed the following interesting statistics: for a game with 100 downloads per day, I had only 3-4 visits of the video (per day). Obviously the other 96 downloads have been made based on other criteria, but watching the video.
So, it might be worth having a video (maybe Google would rank the app higher), but for me it makes no sense to invest a lot of resources for it (neither time nor money).

It’s all down to user behavior - small % of users will click on a video and if it’s great it might convince them to download (on the other hand alternative is to download the app and check, which rises installs but also uninstalls - hence small change in daily installs) - there is no simple yes/no answer here. If your screens and description have hard time captivating what your app does and how it’s unique, perhaps a video might do that for you - in that case it’s a yes. On the other hand if your app is not popular (at least few hounded thousand downloads), video probably won’t make much of a difference anyway since % it would add to conversion won’t be noticeable for you.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’ve published the video and nothing changed. But I’ll leave it there and see if it has any long term effects.

i think Promo, Demo, Presentation Video will help rank better if you have good, genuine and people love it
People will visualise what he want to download
and you get visitor from your youtube video

watch your competitor video, compared to your video

This is good thread.
Start sharing your your app demo video here
tell me if you like it or not, or maybe you have advice for me