Preloaded / Pre-installed app to OEMs and ads

I have a question about pre-installed apps to OEMs and display ads. On Windows Phone this is done by providing an app image for OEMs. OEMs can pre-install this application on their devices. On Android I think similar. My question is about ads in preinstalled apps. If the preinstalled application contains ads from Admob, my concern is whether it is in line with Google terms?
If OEMs will test this app or something to do with it, there may be some illegal activity, related to the display of ads or clicks. Although I do not know on what basis it is done.

Sorry for my English and please answer

Well, @int I am afraid but I think that english problem has show up again, I am not getting the idea where this question is going… ??? :open_mouth:

I guess you have not heard about the pre-install apps ?

Maybe you are correct on this one ! I haven’t heard about the pre-installed apps, I think I may need to read more about this one … :open_mouth: