ppc ad network ?

do you know pay per click ad network ? (like admob) . is startapp pay per click or impressions ? is Mobvista only pay per click ? Which one should I use ? i tried appnext,adbuddiz,vungle,appflood but appnext,adbuddiz,vungle,appflood only pay per install so i dont use appnext,adbuddiz,vungle,appflood .

mobilecore and airpush are ppc

are you mad .
Mobilecore is Pay per install(PPI)

Mad is ur dad



We run on both a CPI and CPC basis, depending on the advertiser, though we occasionally have CPM as well.

If you have any more questions, let me know! Or email us at [email protected]


hi, i get your point. you want stable and long-term income. Eomobi provides CPM, once the ads show, the developers can get the payment. and, it is weekly payment. Easily Optimize Most of Benefits Incredibly|EOMOBI

You may want to try StartApp.
StartApp implements Pay-Per-Click and Pay-Per-Install.
You can even get $15 bonus when you reach 100k impressions by clicking on the link below.

appflood is pay per install and also have a very very poor support. with me startApp is the number one, the best is Admob