Post your playing cards!

Do any of you play cards? If so, post up your decks! Feel free to talk about their backstories, pictures, or your favorite card games.

I carry a deck of cards almost every day, usually the Bicycle Rider Backs. I’ve been carrying that deck since I was about 13, and it’s a bit ratty but they’re still going strong. On Sundays I carry one of my nicer decks.

Today the Maxpedition field deck came in the mail. They’re made from PVC so they’re impervious to water.

I usually play blackjack or rummy when I’m with friends or family, and on my own I enjoy playing Solitaire.

I find that they’re an excellent way to have some fun when camping, so I figured a thread about them would fit in here.

I have only one pack of playing cards.

Oh, I had all the playing cards in the picture you shared. I liked playing cards from Bicycle. They were my favorites, and by the way, they brought me a lot of luck. But I don’t even know where all these playing cards are anymore. They are lost somewhere in the house. I haven’t seen them since I started playing in online casinos. This has been the case since the beginning of the pandemic. I only played online in the casinos on the fastestwithdrawalcasino, and I find it much more fun.