Poor App Store Ranking - Suggestions?

I made an app about a year ago - Password Pig - and loaded it on Google Play Store amongst other places (apple etc). The listing seems to meet all the requirements of Google but if you search for the main category of the App it almost never appears.
If it does it’s like 100 down and will never be found. It is in the 5,000-10,000 download category and those that do list under “password manager” often appear to be less downloaded, less good store listings and so on.

I’m baffled. I know a bit about SEO and (I thought) ASO but it’s almost like Google are blacklisting my App.
I pay good money to them every day to advertise it and downloads are healthy and so are payments - it’s only $2.99 after 30 days to try it out.

I’d love to know what I am doing wrong and why it’s not listing or ranking well, or at all.

Also reading around this site I wonder if there are good ways to get downloads for cheaper than paying for google ads.

Any suggestions welcome.
Mike @ Password Pig

Hi friends, if you want to get more downloads and boost app ranking, you can buy positive app reviews for your app. It is very helpful, many app developers have approved that. Data show that nearly 80% people will have a look at the reviews given by others. If there are many positive reviews, they will download it. Otherwise, they will download other app. And more app downloads your app get, higher ranking your app will get. So try your best to gain more positive reviews. Here I recommend you [b]buy app reviews[/b] from a reliable company. They can provide iOS app reviews and Google Play Store, if you want to know more information, you can feel free to contact them.

The key reason is ASO absence. Even if you perfectly use external promotion methods like forums, blogs social media - your app can drop down the ranking because of lack of relevant keywords. So [b] ASO[/b] is like panacea for Store visibility and user acquisition.

The majority of traffic comes from search requests, so to meet your target audience you need to ptimize your app’s title and description keywords. And after launch the campaign of [b]keyword installs [/b] and reviews(you can order review service where reviews are up to place keywords).

So knowing this tricks will surely increase your app position and number of organic installs.

Wish you every success and be promoted!!!

Sincerely I have not caught you correctly regarding that fact that Google has blacklisted your app because of SEO campaign. As a rule it is extremely important to conduct keyword optimization of your app in order to presented user via search page.

The main thing is really scrupulous selection of trending and search weighted words for your app. Besides you need to keep balance in order not to overwhelm your app by keywords’ frequency. Besides there are a lot of app agencies which can provide safe and working [b] ASO [/b] and ensure you tons of search organic traffic.

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