Poor Admob revenue - Anyone else?

Basically, 120 clicks from USA has produced me 3 dollars. Anyone else experiencing this? Im using conventional banners.

Thanks, James.

PS: If anyone has an idea why this is then i am intrigued to know.

its un-predictable.
Ask us who under Unknown location clicks attack in admob based apps and getting $2 as ecpm from admob :confused:
Are using SMART_BANNER or just BANNER?

Things are a bit variable at the moment on my end. I’m guessing it’s something to do with the new Admob or something. I’m sure things will settle down again soon.

Im using smart banner.

My geo reporting is: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B-Kgo5ebrtZVZkM2S21KellKZk0/edit?usp=sharing

As well as this, Adsense earnings are meant to be updated in the next 24 - 48hrs. I see no update in earnings of my previous days.

Thanks, James.

Looks like no advertiser wants to put ads in the category/niche of your app. Its basically a bid system. Even your unknown location CTR of ~5% is not earning you good revenue. What’s your app/niche?


Those clicks from unknown location is clearly somebody abusing clicks (same issue as many of us have right now), this did lower my eCPM a couple of days but now I’m earning better again even tho clicks from unknown location is continuing. Maybe you could try setting a higher refresh rate since your CTR is very low. At least in my experience google serves better ads with higher CTR. My eCPM is above $4 and I have set almost all of my apps to no-refresh.

Could be worse… I have Leadbolt showing 498 clicks for $0.95

I’m not experiencing this yet but it could be target specifications set by the advertisers. eCPM fluctuates a lot based on advertiser geo targets.