Pollfish questions

I integrated pollfish in one of my apps. Actually it is doing better than what I thought although response rate for users not that much.

Anyways my questions are:
1- in the integration steps, you say “add blah blah” to your privacy policy. Is this mandatory step? What if I don’t have privacy policy (since I only use admob) where do I add it?
2-do you have referral bonus?
3-i like your dashboard but you really have to make it Mobile optimized. If i try to check it from my mobile phone, then everything is jumbled
4-i didn’t see any way to test pollfish in my app. How can I force a survey to be available and completed when I am testing? I want to ensure that my app is behaving correctly before releasing and it is risky to “hope” the code works.

Other than that, you guys are on the right path. Great idea.

To keep threads clean I also have a question, One of my friends uses pollfish and prompts users to do a poll to turn off ads in the app, once user completes the poll then the startapp ads get turned off in the app. If they refuses to do the poll then users get startapp ads.

Is this even allowed under gplay’s ad policies?

Taken from the Google Play Developer Program Policy:

Ad Walls and Interstitial Ads
Interstitial ads may only be displayed inside of the app they came with. Forcing the user to click on ads or submit personal information for advertising purposes in order to fully use an app is prohibited. A prominent and accessible target must be made available to users in any interstitial ad so they may dismiss the ad without penalty or inadvertent click-through.

Considering that the difference between an ad-featured app and the same app without ads is still essentially “full use” of said app either way, I believe this way of using PollFish is in compliance with the policy. Now if you used this same technique to unlock content in the app, you would be violating that clause. BUT, then again, PollFish surveys technically are not ads. I think they need to step in here?
@DroidGenie is this the segement to which you were referring to by the way?

yeah, so looks like this way is legal.

In my case, I have it setup so the user can play unlimited game for a month instead of twice a day if a survey is completed. Is that illegal? Are surveys considered ads?

We need pollfish rep to answer all the above questions…

Hello @hanfoosh. Thank you for your post and for using Pollfish :slight_smile:

Now regarding your questions, see my answers below:

  1. Adding a privacy policy for your app is also a good practise for you too, since it can be used to inform your users on how you gather, use and disclose their data (and you will be legally ok and also Google compliant). In your Google play Console there is a field where you can place the url of your privacy policy. Many developers place this privacy policy into their app too. If you see from Pollfish documentation, this paragraph that we request that you place there, just informs the user about the presence of Pollfish surveys in your app and how we use users answers and data to retarget them for new surveys that are relevant to them. It is a mandatory step but it is up to you (it is your responsibility to have one as stated in the developer terms of use, so you do not do it at your own risk).

For example just to remind for those that are quite a long in the market, initially Google when they introduced Google Analytics library for mobile they forced you to have a statements in the privacy policy that stated that your app was using this library that was collecting data. Later on, this fade out since they never managed to force this (they didn’t try to be honest) among the developer world.

  1. Yes we do have, just pm me for a referral link for you
  2. We are aware about the mobile dashboard and we are working on it. In two weeks we will have a major release/rebranding on our dashboard with a lot of surprises (Stay tuned)!! :slight_smile: It will still not be mobile friendly but you will see a lot of new staff there. We also have an API if you want just to check your balance programatically.
  3. Are you testing in developer mode? We do have developer and release mode. Developer mode always shows a demo survey in order for you to be able to see how a Pollfish survey looks within your app. if you have an issue with that pm me or email me at [email protected] I will be happy to help.

@A1ka1inE @DroidGenie @hanfoosh, as a developer you are able to incentivize your users to complete a survey (either ad removal, virtual coins etc). You are not allow to force a user to complete a survey. What do policies mean by that. For example, you should not force a user to complete a survey in order to unlock a level in hour app. You should give to them the option to do this and there should be also another way around to unlock the level. Pollfish surveys provide 3 ways for a user to opt out even when he starts completing a survey. You as a developer should take care for that too, give them the option to complete a survey to get a reward, do not force them to do it. This way you will be 100% compliant. If you have any other questions or concerns please let me know, I will be happy to help :slight_smile:

I pmed you @andreasv