Please suggest more native ad networks


I am currently using MoPub, and the following networks for native in-feed type ads. I am looking for more networks which may pay better and have more fill.

The networks I currently know of:


Looking for CPC, CPM, CPI networks.


Hello ScottC!

Why not let these networks compete against each other and you get the best mix of high eCPM and fill rate? Ampiri is particularly strong since we focus on native. we partnered with a bunch of other ad networks and DSPs including Avocarrot which fully integrated with us.
I am one of the support engineers from Ampiri and I can help you with set it up and get better performance.

You can have a look at the docs here: Ampiri Documentation.

If you have more questions feel free to get in touch with me or at [email protected]

Hey @ScottC,

Isn’t it kind of a pain managing all those adapters/accounts/payments? Have you looked at mediators that combine all that inventory (and more) into a single SDK? I would. There’s only a few, especially that support Native. A cursory google search should get you in the right direction.



I was with Appodeal before in the past and they are great. The problem is they did not use some of those networks such as AppNext and Flurry. Appodeal also did not provide any adapters to make it easier to put native ads into recyclerview feeds. MoPub provides these adapters which made implementation a lot easier.

What native ad type networks do Appodeal currently support? I couldn’t find that information anywhere. Thanks

Just DM’d you a list, let me know if there’s anything else you need :slight_smile:

Thanks! It looks like you do already have those networks then. Maybe I will try Appodeal again. It would be great if there was an easier way to insert native ads into feeds, that’s the only thing putting me off really, but it’s still possible so will give it a go.

I just asked your support about AppNext but they said you do not use that network? The list you gave me is wrong

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