Please recommend me a quick hosting service


I use a hosting in my apps for cross promotion. I tried x10 hosting and Hostinger. Im not satisfacied with them, there are many times offline and they are too too slow.
Can you guys recommend me a free hosting service which works well, or a cheap one?

Thanks for your help, is the best I host my appwall ads there and they load in my apps quick even on edge network

If you want a free hosting than i would recommend

Thanks for the info guys!

I will try with the free one.


I tried Free Web Hosting with PHP, MySQL and cPanel, No Ads , and I dont recommend it. After getting some moderate traffic, they disable my site due to CPU LIMIT. Don’t have scripts or other complex thing, just a interstitial png and a .txt file.

I dont think is worth to pay a host for my use (show interstitial in my apps). Can anyone share good experiences with free hostings?


go with godaddy my interstial ads I make load instantly using them

Hostgator & Bluehost.

I think there should be very little doubt that GoDaddy is the best and I am going to suggest you one promo code that you could use, this will give you a massive discount. It’s “30WORD” coupon code that will give you 30% discount on all purchase including hosting and much more stuff so enjoy this and do let me know what things went.

Well, I am going to suggest you going forward with the 000webhosting service, its quite a good choice to move forward if you want to get things done freely ! :slight_smile:

If you like to do all things freely go with VPS from DigitalOcean -

It is only $5/month and it is fast because SSD cloud computers

I would suggest you to use GoDaddy Hosting service as it is really fast and also can be trusted while also it is very cheap as compare to others and you know what the current promo code that is going on “30WORD” this will give us gigantic discount of 30% on the purchase so this is just incredible benefits for using it!