Please Rate

Hi All,

New app, needs some help. PM me if you’d like to rate and I’ll do the same. thx.

Please rate for my app, thank!

Give me your app’s link then i will do same for you Doing your right now. thanks. Under Chris

I rated your app with 5* and wrote a good review as “daksh bhatt” please do same with mine.

Thank you.

Hi, the horror game for brain :stuck_out_tongue:, thank you!

Hi Remmy, I rated your Ringtones app with 5 stars and a review “Excellent. Better than anything else i tried. Definitely the best ringtones app i’ve tried after a lot of disappointing ones. But this ones surely recommended. Great app.”

This is my game so please drop a review. Thanks ! :slight_smile:

done~. Awesome game. “under Chris”

DONE. Please rate mine. thanks Mine is under “Chris”