Play store stats gone mad

I just released a new app on 24th August. No marketing till now. The stats in developer console show 0/3 and I have got 5 stars from 6 users. How is that possible.

I had thought only people who install the app from play store can provide review and you can’t add review to play store even if you downloaded the app from other stores which are just a replica of play store.


Any guesses?

me too, on leadbolt it show 150-170 new install/day for icon ads
but only 20-30 install/day in Developer Console stats

the stats are updated daily but ratings show up on the developer console at the same hour

Yes. Downloads may take 1-2 days to show after release, but ratings are instant.

yes i think ratings and g+ are instant.

i also have a quite strange problem. last month i bought a new Google play account. up to now i have uploaded 5 apps and none of them are successful. im getting less than 50 daily downloads per app. this is quite strange to me because in my other accounts i have better downloads. any idea?

are you releasing same app with different account? IMHO, the 2nd account will get less download that the 1st one, it’s cannibalization ^^

no. i never copy paste apps. those are new and quality apps.

Once happens that one my app has more active user than total download :smiley:

I once had total installs of a paid app drop by a few hundred. I don’t know how you can lose total installs. Either they installed it or they didn’t.