Play Store: Multiple developer names on a single Google account

Hey guys,

I would like to use my current Google account to create a new “developer identity” on the Play Store to be able to publish apps under a new developer name.
The goal would be that users could only see the “other apps” of 1 identity, and not the others.
For example: apps for adults under the name “awesome adult apps”
apps for kids under the developer name “great apps for kids”

How could I achieve that?


Just make a new email address. As long as u aren’t worried about getting banned u can use gmail along with the same info and visa u used to create the first account

Hey, thanks for answering.
Well, I am worried about getting banned, I thought everybody was :slight_smile: this sounds like a risky method :slight_smile:

Google lets u create multiple accounts but if one gets banned so do the others. If you’re using risky networks that might get flagged then u need to sign up with a fake name using a prepaid visa under the same name. I’m not sure which cards work tho

Yeah I don’t want to go the illegal way, thanks.
Is there a way to use different “developper names” as they are shown to the users, with only 1 single Google account?

i think you need to make more than one account, give them different names, then invite your main account as an administrator.

now you can manage them all from one account

Hey, thanks for your answer, I appreciate it.
That sounds like a good idea, although that would require me to register a new account for $25 right?

yes i think so, since you need two different developer names

Yeah. Have you done this yourself?
I would like to make sure this is possible before spending the money, even if it’s not so expensive.
And is it possible to create the new account with same bank account ?

I already told u it was possible to create a new account under the same name and bank account, u just cant use the same email address for some reason

But is it acceptable to do so? Or is that something you can get banned for?
Or was your earlier warning about getting banned only if you do something shady with one of your accounts?

Google doesn’t mind if you create multiple accounts, the dev agreement even states this but also says they might limit the number of accounts you can have. The only problem is that if you do something that violates the policy and one account gets banned, they’ll close any other accounts under your name. That should only be an issue if you’re using shady networks or infringing on IP rights though, which is why I said if he’s worried about getting banned he should just create the second account under a fake name. Its not illegal, just violating Google’s policies (which you were already doing if you’re worried about getting banned).

If that’s still too much trouble just create a second account under your real name, but stop publishing new apps under it if any get suspended so you can restart the warning process under a third account

Thanks for the details moneymike, I’ll give it a try. Once again, nothing shady on my side, just wanting to dissociate kids apps under 1 name and adult apps under another.