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Move over Angry Birds… the highly touted Mooniacs™ game is now 100% FREE and has been recently updated for all players with an additional 10 Bonus Pack Levels!!! Download today, and get a total of 100 exciting ad-free levels of adorable Mooniacs puzzling gameplay.
The Mooniacs need your help. They are stranded on a strange planet and need to be rescued. All you have to do is launch your trusty companions thorugh 100 levels of physics challenging puzzles across 3 diverse worlds–Briars and Brambles, The Fungi Forest, and The Deserted Island–where you’ll find JujuBees! Collect all the JujuBees to trade for parts to fix the Mooniacs ship and get them home again.

  • 100 Levels of Physics Puzzling Challenges (Classic + Bonus Pack 1)
  • 3 Playable Characters over 3 Diverse Worlds
  • 3 Alternate Endings to Unlock
  • Play the Great Swarm Community Game to Unlock New Content
  • New Game Achievements AddedGenres: Arcade, Logic
    Android platform: For Android 2.0.1 and higher

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