PingJam not updating stats since 17th November

Just a warning (as if bans from the store weren’t enough) PingJam stopped updating the stats for the downloads in the backend, even though there are many apps still running the ADs and generating revenue for PingJam.

Last update is from 17th November and no payment for November in FULL is in sight.

So I guess they have taken the Mobclix route of getting all the money from the AD networks and not paying the devs back in full…

Is it the same with you guys?

LOL, it’s many informations on forum that ping jam is a scam. Find big thread about pingjam. It’s like mobario, just scammed developers. Paid couple people to get trust and scammed 10x more

Yes, it is a scam operation, unfortunately. We will see how the JAM goes once it has been filed by the lawyers.

Ok here is the deal, we have unpaid balance which was 0ed so Pingjam is not updating the stats for the apps even though they are running their ads (the ones still circulating).
So not only did they cause the apps to be removed, but they are also running a scam operation of not paying developers.

We are going to put a blog post.

Furthermore the admin of this website, David Webb is not returning the emails urging him to remove any references for PingJam in his referrals or to warn other developers on his website. As such we view the admin behind this website and forum part of the scam operation.

We gave him a full week to reply which he hasn’t so we are going to take that into account and when mentioning PingJam we will also mention this website as a source of scam operations (judging by some of the paid referrals and paid scam publications on the main page - ebooks etc. it is to be believed that the idea of the website is not to help others but to result in profit to the administrator)

@incorporateapps as much as I feel for your loss, I disagree with you about this Admin issue. The guy may be monitizing them for other app so stores so compliance is not an issue. Maybe he is getting paid and PingSuck is just not paying you because of the fight you have. He is free to share whatever he wants as much as you do. I don’t think he ever blocked your posts so u can’t say he is part of scam. Now the the fact he didn’t respond to your email is bad but again the guy maybe away but this has nothing to do with the scamy company.

I am just saying my unbiased opinion. I really hope you recover all your loss and make example of PingJam

Well,David, the admin of the website, said he will be “investigating” on the matter and contact Pingjam - guess what, 2 months later no answer ever since, the referrals are still in the signature. No word on what happens to compensate the developers and why PingJam is not paying for the ad revenue that was generated.

You be the judge of that.