PickCrafter v3.0: The Epic Update!


Hey everyone!

We have finally finished the huge v3.0 update for PickCrafter! PickCrafter was originally released in 2014 and we have continued to develop the game with new features and content over the years with steady updates. This is by far the largest update since its release. Massive redesigns have been made to smooth the gameplay curve and address the many concerns and feedback our players have provided us over the years.

Currently available on Mobile: iOS, Android, Amazon, and Windows Phone.
Web versions are up on Kongregate and Facebook, but they are still running v2 - we are working hard to get v3 out on web ASAP!

Here’s a little gameplay trailer:


We have a Discord server with an active community of players discussing the game. We encourage anyone interested in the game to join :slight_smile:
We appreciate any feedback, bug reports, and suggestions!

Happy picking!

Team Fiveamp