Payment airpush for june 2015

Anyone get payment airpush for june 2015?

Yes, I got it yesterday

Not yet, it is my first payment :S

I not received today… For earning june 2015. But i check my payment dashboard next payment is 15 sept?

I have the same. I hope it will be because today is Saturday and they will pay us on Monday :slight_smile:

I got my payment to PayPal yesterday

Not received today

Hey guys,
I have integrated airpush (latest sdk) in my Unity project.
However the EULA still appears. Wasn’t it removed in sdk version 8?
Also do users complain about the EULA , or does it work smoothly for you guys?

p.s. Does anyone know good Airpush alternatives (cpm based)?


I sent a ticket on Saturday because I didn’t receive my payment and I got it yesterday. Did you try to contact them?