Pay Per Install SDK - No advertisements

Looking for developers willing to install an SDK for monthly payments per users located in US. This SDK will not serve ads or affect ad inventory in anyway, just additional money on top of your ads.

SDK details:

>.5% battery over 24 hours
Requires Mic access and GPS location
(mic access used for picking up ultra sonic audio above 18khz)

No other data or pii collected.

PM if interested, paying out per month starting this month.

Tell your rates please

$.10 per user located in the US per month.

Add me on Skype to ask any other questions or get more information.

Skype: Ryan.Omni

Have you tested your SDK on Google Play?
Or it’s just for 3rd party stores?

definitely interested add me on skype: gamernayan
I can bring around 100,000 downloads monthly.

I am also interested, please send me details…

Where are you guys now?

get the real downloads as 40 downloads per 5$ at contact me