[PAY PER INSTALL] Making 200-400$ monthly


I am currently earning 200$ monthly using pay per install ad network like hummermobi .I would like to know from senior developers which ad types or networks are more precise for apps like personification and widgets .Which ad network other than airpush bundle 2 (they dont pay you for useless reasons) i can try which will give over 1000$ monthly for apps which I have over 50k to 1 million downloads on third party app stores .

For other users who don’t know about hummermobi it is quite good service but spams your users with too many ads outside the app which is quite irritating at the moment .But they pay weekly and good than airpush .Airpush is not a developer friendly company to rely on account managers have no clues and now representative are spamming accounts .

If you want to use hummermobi sign up from here to get a bonous head start -Go here

Any personal experiences are welcome only related to pay per download model discussion

I would be updating this post to list all networks which are under pay per install model so keep commenting.

<<reserved for listing ad networks >>

<<reserved for listing ad networks >>

It’s not PPI, but PPD.

Thanks for letting me know .Sir can also suggest me more of such network ? Is alphagravel good option ?

Appnext and Mobile Core are currently the best in the CPI domain. Startapp seems very bad. Alphagravel may work, who knows.

it should be a joke… I’m having the worst performance in year in Mobilecore

There is incentmobile that is hummermobi clone but only pay per install of usa and india users. I havent tried them. I am using a good setup with startapp with an out of app solution showing ads on screen unlock. Getting 81 cent overall ecpm rate for past 30 days but tons of daily impressions, No one knows what app is showing the ads so apps stay installed on device.

Thats really great can you suggest me how to enrol it in .I would like to give it a try !