Pay for installs

Is there a source for paying others to install your app to help rankings?
Does anyone here have experience with this as a little boost for a new app?

have you seen our thread in the Buy/Sell forum yet?

That might be what you’re looking for:



I have exactly what you’re looking for, I’ve been helping customer to push their ranking in Play Store.

You might want to checkout : Google Play Ranking - Get More Downloads For Your Android App

Do let me know if you have any questions

Your system is against Google’s policies and users using your system risk getting their accounts banned.

Here is what your FAQ says:

With more than 10,000 downloads per day. It is very obvious it was not generated by real mobile user. The traffic is COLD - their duty is to download and install your app but not using them in anyway.

The PRIMARY purpose of it is to :

  1. Increase your app installation counts.
  2. Boost your ranking to Top list and get organic downloads.
  3. Increase app exposure.

That means you’re using bots or a similar service to increase the downloads in order to manipulate the ranking system. That is totally forbidden by Google.

So please stop claiming that your system is safe because users that earn a living from their Android development might end up with nothing as soon as Google finds out!

You can try incentive ad networks like Tapjoy or similar.
The cost per one installation of your game is $0.10, but it is very bad quality traffic. About 80% of people will uninstall your game in the same day.

I appreciate your opinion but I hope you understand ranking in Play Store is a algorithm. Just as Google have its own algorithm, you’ll need to have good link building in order to rank in Google. You can see there is uncountable link building service on the Internet, they help client to insert their website URL on many high authority website in order to rank higher on Google Search Engine.

New website can now rank in top pages of Google search in just matter of one or two month through link building. How is this manipulating the ranking system since Google are the one who set these algorithm?

There might be nobody who will actually click on the client URL. Heck, these are all high authority and real website. Now, Google Play have its own algorithm based on your app installation count, rating and review.

We provide real downloads from real mobile. Each downloads with different IP, Imei number, mobile model and carrier. Plus, we can guarantee 100% retention meaning it will not be uninstall once its downloaded into the mobile.

If this is manipulating, then what’s different is using a PPI where you also are BUYING downloads from mobile user to increase your downloads? We are just using different method to get downloads for customer apps.

We don’t make claim or guarantee safeness of our system, but I’ve been in the business for 3 years and have ZERO issue from customers.

Compare your quote with this sentence from your FAQ page: “It is very obvious it was not generated by real mobile user.”

Since you’re guaranteeing 100% retention it is obvious you have control over the installs which means installs don’t come from real users. Increasing the download count artificially is totally forbidden by Google.

you meant uninstalled?

Not real mobile user as in they do not use the mobile, but still a human downloading.

Yes and no. What if I handed out 1000, 3000 or even 10,000 mobile to a group of network and I want flappy bird to be installed on all the mobile. Just saying…

Oh yes… sorry for the misspelling

Are you using genymotion with google apps to drive the downloads and using some proxy on those emulators?

When I use PPI, the user is actually interested in my app and clicks ads inside it, buys in-apps or shares the app with firends, your bots will not.

The traffic you’re selling is simply a gamble, and at 15 cents a download, it’s just not priced competitive enough.

There is tons of ways to boost your rank on play store, yours is another one, but its a little overpriced IMHO.

Hello, guys!
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