pause ads online- adnetworks ??

Hello all
As the topic says
How many ad networks allow you to pause showing ads for a time being.
The one I know is Applovin.

If you know 1 pls add.


We do - appnext. You can go to the dashboard and pause any of the placements you are using.

that is great

However i still cudnt find a way to do it
i just checked the placement
It is written “live” in green with nothing to act upon :slight_smile:

I think you can pause airpush ads too, used to do it with older SDKs, not sure if its still supported

AFAIK, all networks can do this. You just need to reach out to your account manager and ask them to pause your site/app. Networks do not normally give this option to developers.

But if you are looking at pausing specific slots/placements within an app that’s a whole different story. I guess you will have to modify your SDK.

Hello @onlinewanderer you can do that also with our SDK at Pollfish

contact me privately, I’ll explain. At any case, we can pause it for you, no problem.