Pathetic Millennial Media banner eCPM

So I was ****ing around in the Mopub console a few weeks back and noticed that Millennial Media offers Server to Server banners again (They used to back in 2012, but then started requiring their rather large native SDK). I tried the native SDK for a few months,performance was poor, and i stripped that big SDK out early in 2013.

I decided to try them out again since I though that maybe they improved. Results below.

imgur: the simple image sharer

Has anyone ever gotten decent performance from MM?

Tried them in past
Very very low ecpm

They have mkstky very low eCPM. But for some larger apps it is sometimes higher. Use only with mediation and observe how it behaves. Also keep in mind they seem to deduct some money from the estimates, so the eCPM is even lower in the end.

I just removed them after communicating with support team for around 3 months.
They said you push more traffic of USA to understand your app (by our algorithm ) and increase your ecpm.
I contacted them many time after increasing traffic to them,
But the algorithm Yet not learned to increase ecpm and I learned to remove them :slight_smile: