Paid CPI Campaigns

Which one is good in your opinion?
I used to use AppBrain, however their site does not let me register my apps now and I have mailed the support for 2 weeks and have not heard back from them.

I agree. It’s been almost 2 weeks now that I added a credit card to AppBrain and $100 got deducted - but the funds never got added to my AppBrain account.

What is everybody else’s review for AppBrain account registration process? Is the problem I described generic?


Still waiting for my apps to be added back to the dashboard. I am generating decent revenue from them. Beginning to get worried if I shall ever see it… :slight_smile:

I have the same issue - added the details for the payment, but I am still at 0 funds - so unable to start a campaign. Sent them an e-mail and got a reply ( this was one or two weeks back) saying that the problem was solved, but the status is the same. I think me and @makuchaku are in the same situation…

Conclusion - I cant use their service, even if I have done everything as it should…

I was understanding that if you add a credit card the payments are taken out after the campaign has run, or weekly or something. But not before. The initial $100 charge is refunded immediately and is just for testing that your card is good. Have you tried actually creating a campaign and seeing if it will run?

Actually I did - created everything and it was not working - kept telling me to ad funds.
E-mailed them again, they have replied saying that they have fixed it - I checked it and now and now it works.

BTW - they were quite fast - 1-2 hours. :slight_smile:

We personally never has issues with AppBrain billing or creating campaigns.

dbest, before starting a campaign at AppBrain, you should read my post here (starting at “PS:”):

Depending on CPI bid and country targeting, over 50% of your installs might turn out to be fraudulent, so beware.
With correct campaign settings, AppBrain is a nice service, and you might get engaged users for ~$0.8 / user (assuming an average CPI of $0.4 in Tier 1 countries and an engagement rate of 50%).


Thanks daywalker313.

PS: I have used your service too and I find it nice… But will need to think about using it for apps that will get users to stick. :slight_smile: