Paid App or Free App Ads


I’m an Android developer since 2 years.
2 years ago, i developed a free application ( a Lite demo version ) , 600 000 downloads on Google Play, ads from Leadbolt and RevMob. And Rare update…
Since two years, i earn ~10 dollars per day with these two networks. I think it could be better, i’m a newbie in strategy network.
Today, the final version of the application is finalize, and i ask myself some question about its monetization.

Should i sell my app on Market ? or it should be a free ap with ads ?

The choice is difficult, i don’t know what could be the best earn.
Could you give me some tips or back experiences.

Thanks you

have you seen my app i think it’s one of the best safety app in android “0hour”

I don’t have much experience, but our only try with a paid apps on Google play didn’t work that well.

I think Android user don’t expect to pay directly for there apps.

With my little experience (not sure if you can trust :P) You should make it free with ads or in-app purchase.

Thanks you to share.

I’ll follow your little experience:)
I launch it as a free app with ads.
But what i need is a “step by step” in strategy network…

Do people buy a lot in-app purchase?