Outrank an app with significantly more downloads then yours?

I’ve noticed my apps rise to a certain level in ranking, and then hit a wall where no matter how much I promote, it will not rise anymore. I started to check out the number of downloads the apps listed above me have and they all have significantly more. My apps are new and have less then 10,000(most less then 1000) installs. Every app above me has 100k+ to 10 million downloads. So is there anything else I can do? I feel like the only way to move up now is to just let it sit and collect downloads and it might move up over time.

I always wondered this as well. Would like to hear some info…

Well, obviously if all the things that matter in displaying the ranks based on a search are the same between 2 apps, but one app has a lot more downloads, it will display the one with more downloads first.

So your only choice is to try and do one or more things better than the other app.

Keywords are important, ratings are important. If you optimize the title and description better for the keywords you’re targeting than your competitor, you have a better chance of being displayed higher. Same with the ratings: if you have better rankings, you have a better chance of beating your opponent.

Hah… I have an app with > 3mil downloads and have the opposite problem. Shitty apps with lower review averages and less than 10k downloads are ranked higher :frowning:

The key is to have higher active installs per day than the competitor, in that case you can outrank an old app with a new app regardless of total downloads. Apps that are old tend to have more uninstalls than installs and that is when they start falling out of the ranks.