Other markets, new ad networks, or just work on more apps? Where to go from here?

Hi all, this past year has been good to me in terms of revenue from my apps. I’m making $500 - $600 a month, which for me is a nice amount of passive side income. But now I want to take it to the next level and I’m not really sure where to go from here. I use AdMob in all of my applications and I have paid, ad free “pro” versions as well. I’m primarily in the Google Play Store but I’ve just started to put my apps in the Amazon app store as well.

My questions is where should I focus my effort? Since I’m only one person, I want to maximize the amount of money in a given amount of time. Should I be pushing my apps to all the various app markets out there? Should I now try new ad networks? Or should I just make more apps and just publish to the Play Store/Amazon App store with AdMob?

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!

Hi Phil917,

My name is Darren and I’m apart of the Publisher development team here at AerServ. We are a mobile SSP and monetization platform. We have an advanced mobile ad server backed by many demand partners. We have just released our SDK that has a robust video interstitial unit. We are seeing CPMs of $3+ and 97%+ fillrates. We’d love for you to give our SDK a try as I think you’d be very satisfied with CPM compared to admob’s banner CPMs.

We are also giving up to a $250 sign up bonus. Please PM me if you want more info.


Aerserv, is the video Google play compliant? Does it have x button to exit?
Do we get paid per full video watch only only or even partly?


Yes our ad unit is 100% Google Compliant and it does have an exit button. Developers are paid on CPM so once the video starts you will be paid for that impression. The user does not need to watch the whole video, we also suggest you implementing a “skip” allowing the user to have more control.

Let me know if you’d be interested in testing out our SDK.

Hi Phil,
There area lot of factors I need to give you a better answer, such as: how many apps do you have? What’s your average eCPM? what countries are your users coming from? What ad types do you use?

If i have to give you an answer according to what I know, I think you should really look into your current apps’ revenue. Admob is not known for maintaining high eCPMs for long. so maybe by switching/adding a different ad network can really improve your revenue with very little work (relatively).
If you do decide to add another network, I’d be happy to explain more about appnext. Our interstitial is doing very well right now. Ping me if you reach this decision.

As for other app stores, I haven’t heard of a lot of developers doing very well from it. It can be a lot of work and nopt much of a reward. here’s a tool I heard of (but cannot recommend. I’ve never tried it) that can help publish your app in all the major app stores.

As for more apps - if they are relatively easy to create, that might be a very good option. But if I were you, I would first try to maximize revenues from your current apps.

Hope this helps.

Thank you for your answer. This looks interesting. Now what’s your rate/or CPM for middle east traffic? What’s the loading time?

I am interested I want to try your sdk .


We’re seeing CPM ranging from $2-3 in middle east and load time is ~10MS.

I PM’d you and am interested in trying out your SDK, can you please activate my account.

hello, this is Anemone Tang from eomobi mobile ad network company. We provide 10$ just for sign up.
We pay by new installs, the revenue can reach 30$ per 1000 new installs, and do payout weekly for every 50$.
kindly give message if you are interested.

I would be interested to read real answers to the OP questions (instead of PR statements from various ad networks representatives) :

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Yeah, this has just been ad network spam so far. For what it’s worth I’ve decided to focus my energy on making more apps and the Play/Amazon App Store. I’ll be sticking with AdMob as I’m currently pretty satisfied with my revenue per month considering the relatively low amount of time I put into making my apps.

A little off topic, so sorry for hijacking, but since you guys are talking about alternative app stores I wanted to mention the fact that we are running an Android App Store Survey trying to determine how important app stores are to Android developers.

If you have a few seconds please fill the survey out, it’s only 5 questions (3 required and 2 optional).

I have found that Google Play is the most important app store, but that Samsung and Amazon can also deliver some significant results.