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Hello Making Money with Android
My name is Olga and I’m from the Orangear customer success team.
Our company’s core product is a fully customizable SaaS platform allowing you to organize a complex ecosystem where advertisers and publishers can buy and sell traffic using the most popular business models.

Today, over 30 successful projects run on the Orangear platform. Some of them are among world leaders with over 7K active publishers and advertisers.

The product is now in the beta stage and we provide it only to our trusted partners. You can learn more about our solutions on our official website

We’ll be informing you of our updates on this topic. Don’t hesitate to ask questions here or write me at [email protected]

The only SaaS conference in Ukraine is an event Orangear will definitely attend! It’s a perfect place to meet, share experiences and find new techniques to fuel the product’s development. See you at SaaS Nation!

We’ll be informing you of our updates on this topic. Don’t hesitate to ask questions here or write me at [email protected]

We’re launching the API Checker referral program!

Sign up now and get up to 20% of each purchase with your referral link.

To read the rules and get your referral links and promo codes, follow through

We’re launching the API Checker referral program!

Sign up now and get up to 20% of each purchase with your referral link.

To read the rules and get your referral links and promo codes, follow through

Public Launch!
We can finally say these two words. Now, everyone who has anticipated this as much as we did has the opportunity to request a demo!
Are you ready to appreciate all the advantages of the new platform? Leave a message here or follow the link to our website to leave a request.

Performance Marketing Platform

Contact us and our manager will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Orangear x Affbank. The latest article

Any CPA network can achieve decent results driven by experience and motivation.
However, significant results take greater efforts, and most of the times it’s about a couple of little things that can change the game tremendously.

Find out about 12 of those in our guest piece for Affbank.

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Performance Marketing Platform

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We have some interesting updates for you.

Now you can verify the tracking link before adding the offer to your system.

Save your time and money by working with active and valid offers only.

Winter is coming to an end, and it’s time to leave the old prices for Orangear API Checker behind!

Hurry up to get the best deal with our SPECIAL PRICES and automatically validate tracking links right inside your platform. Reach direct advertisers and save your money by working with active offers only.

This offer is valid until 28.02.2019, 23:59 (UTC) for new users only.


Required Approval

We’ve added Required Approval switch to integration settings. Choose if auto-imported offers should be approved prior to being added to the system.
If you select “yes”, the publisher won’t be able to promote an offer without prior confirmation.


Hey! We’ve got some news coming along — the updated Orangear affiliate program is ready to help you earn!

The new conditions are even more beneficial, as you now will get 30% of any Orangear Performance Marketing Platform or Built-In Checker plan.

We’re offering great perks for the referred user as well. They will receive +30% conversions and + 30% checks in addition to their purchased plan!

Existing participants will be automatically transferred to the new program in the following days.

Not a member yet? Become one today — register and start earning more with Orangear!

One-step integration, is it possible?

Yes, if you work with [b]Orangear Performance Marketing Platform[/b]. Now you get the opportunity to integrate with 320 platforms and networks.

Just select the appropriate option in the platform menu. This saves you time, your money and your resources if you switch from one platform to another or if you want to become a partner with a new network.

A simple and intuitive integration system will allow you to do it in just one click.


Every tracking link that enters your network can be verified automatically with our Checker. Connect through the API or use the Orangear Built-In Checker to verify offers automatically.

Both options include all perks of the Manual Checker while providing some additional technological features.
:zap: Automatically track all of your offers
:zap: Receive timely notifications about the unavailable offers and switch them off to stop wasting your money
:zap: View full results for all your tests with the single click
:zap: Set up clockwork checks for each specific offer
:zap: Forget about emails and receive real-time data


Cross Payment feature in Billing

We’ve added a Cross Payment feature to our Billing section.
The update allows simplifying your cooperation with partners, who serve as both your advertisers and publishers at the same time.
E.g., previously, you needed to generate two invoices: one for the advertiser and one for the publisher, both due.

The Cross Payment invoice shows the difference between owed sums, which results in only one payment — from the party that owes more.


Offer Check in the External (API)

Checking offer tracking link becomes more comfortable with the new “Check” button in the list of External (API) offers.
From now on, two clicks is all you need:

– go to the list of offers, that are yet to be added to your system, and click the “Check” button;

– agree with or change targeting settings and click “Check” again.

View the results and decide, whether you want to add this offer or not.

Check our updates to learn more about Orangear.


Receive information on skipped publishers through API

Do you recall those exhausting times when you had to remember which affiliates to skip for which offers?
No more of that!
Now, as your advertiser specifies this information on their platform, you will automatically receive it through API as soon as the offer updates.

You can still manually change this data if you have to.



App Whitelist in Advertiser section

You already know that creating or editing an advertiser’s profile you can skip or allow traffic from certain affiliates.

Now we’ve added an opportunity to use App Whitelist to specify applications that can work as traffic sources for a particular advertiser.

Find out more about updates and stay on top of every detail.