optimize content for personalized search

How to optimize content for personalized search.?

  1. Optimize for location
  2. Make sure your website and your content are mobile responsive
  3. Focus on user intent
  4. Target the right people

Here are the things you can optimize for:
1. Optimize for Locations
2. Optimize for Languages [Optimization for languages goes hand in hand with international SEO. It should be applied if your relevant audiences speak different languages, and you want to provide them with unhampered experience.]
3. Get Exposure in Social Media
4. Optimize for Multiple Devices
5. Focus on Search Intent [Many search engines do their best to understand the meaning of your query and provide the best results. It seems that Google is an A-level student among its peers when it comes to solving search intent.]
Although Google search personalization is much lighter today than prior years, there are quite a few specific things to keep in mind when optimizing for personalized search. Namely: location, language, social media, device, and search intent. All of these factors can alter what different users see. So make sure you’re doing all you can to influence personalization to make sure your target audience can find you.