Optimising AdMob by blocking categories

Since AdMob has released the feature to actively block or allow certain ad categories I was wondering if it would be a good idea to tailor the categories to your app.
For example if I had an app about surfing I would only allow categories that tied in to it such as sport/health etc.

The theory being that I would potentially provide content that the users would more likely want to see and thus increasing clicks and hopefully revenue.

I would love to hear if anyone has tried this or looked into it at all.

For me i block all dating, ringtone, movies and sensitive categories for all of my app. Because most of my customer are kids

Does that reduce the fill rate ?

@MikeDev TapIt! by Phunware also allows you to block categories will narrow the fill rate pool but it could produce more quality engagement with the ad because it is tailored to a specific audience, therefore your earnings could potentially be higher. It is worth testing and seeing how it performs. It is also worth testing other ad networks such as TapIt that can provide different advertisers and fill remnant traffic. TapIt also gives you SDKs for alerts, notifications and analytics all in one platform so you do not have to manage them separately (and it is all for free.)

Feel free to message me if you have an interest in TapIt and I can provide more information.

i recommend to block some categories , such us dating , videos , tv
because they just wast impressions in your game


That is what I love about Google. It actually care about the benefit of both advertisers and publishers.
The feature will reduce the fill-rate, but would result in higher conversion rate, and in a long-run, advertisers sell more and publishers get more.