Opinions regarding paid reviews and PR

hey guys,

I’m about to launch an app and I’ve around 400 US$ for published reviews and PR work , to get started… I’ve heard about this website before and it offers(seemingly) good packages…

I want to know which websites you guys used previously for any PR and published web reviews…


IMHO it’s not worth it to use such services. Not on the short run anyway when you need a lot of installs.

I’ve been looking into this myself in the past months and I’ve been tracking how many people are actually interested in these reviews. As an example, I looked at video reviews from some top review websites and they had around 500-1000 views in the first week. If I compare those stats to stats from ad companies where I am running some campaigns, less than 10% are going to actually click on a link to google play after viewing such videos. And the percentage goes lower when you consider less than 30% of the users that arrived on your app’s page will actually proceed and install your app.

There are also a lot of websites that promise they will post on facebook and twitter and the post will reach thousands of eyes. But most of their followers are not active. And they post so many times throughout a day that their followers are saturated and do not pay a lot of attention.

I posted some messages about my new game with 2 of my game pages. Both pages have around 3000 likes (all valid from real people) but my posts usually reach around 50-100 people. I couldn’t see any improvement in downloads.

thanks for the opinion, yes , its true some many websites make a business out of that , but there are some blogs like android central and android police where getting featured could drive traffic, also spending in ad campaigns seems like a black hole(its expensive!!) to me :smiley: which websites did you approach?

Yes, they are expensive. Appbrain is the cheapest apparently with bids as low as $0.20 / install. If you want to target countries like USA, UK, Australia, etc you will have to pay more if you want installs faster. For countries in Asia you will get much more installs for $0.20 but you will earn a lot less from those users.