Opera Mobile Store

Anyone is using it for Android Apps?
I read some older posts about the Download numbers they show being fake.
Anyone has any more recent experience? As the Opera Store just redirect to Google Play is not so easy to track real installs coming from Opera I think.

Yeah it’s quite difficult counting install from opera…They redirect user to playstore if it installed .They count every page view as a download…Last year I published a paid app to opera store and not concentrated on installs but after 2 months I got a mail saying update your payment method for payments then I checked my payments tab and I have 700$ in it…its a great thing …Opera store really works in some countries but not all…

Even if their numbers are fake, if they generate just ONE more download, it may be worth it

Just looks like it’s quite difficult to figure out even a rough estimate of download number.

So far my App in Google Play is still getting the same 50-70 daily downloads that used to get before uploading it to Opera Store (where it shows about 100 daily downloads)
At this point I think that Opera brings no new downloads at all or very little in my case (1-5 at most)
It looks like the Download number shown in Opera Store is not even the number of people who clicked Download and are redirected to Google Play (as I think it’s not possible that only 1-3% would then download the App). It could make sense if it was maybe 50%
Maybe the number shown in Opera Store is just the number of people who visited the page (and even here a conversion of 1-3% seems very little)

The only 3rd party app store worth publishing is amazon app store. Others just not worth your time.

I put an app on Opera Mobile, and it showed 11 downloads in the first 2 days (without any advertising). However, if these downloads were real and the downloaders used the program, I would have seen it in my web logs as the program looks for files on one of my web servers - there were no accesses, so either the downloads are wrong/false, or the users aren’t using the program!