Opera downloads innacurate?

I’m wondering if anyone else can confirm this… So far it looks like the opera appstores claimed number of downloads for an app are way out.

Here’s my example.

App #1

Uploaded to opera 4 days ago, 1323 downloads (According to Opera)
Appbrains analytics says it’s had the following downloads
288 from nokia
43 from opera
19 from other

I know my math is right becuase 288 + 43 +19 does NOT add up to 1323???

Anyone else able to confirm if this is right? (Operas downloads thing being totally wrong)

Or if there is another explanation for it, I’d like to understand it…

Not only they are inaccurate, but some are also fake.
Opera reports as a download every click (I think). However, the user get redirected to Google Play, and could download or not.
Even if you consider this, however, Opera is still way off to the point of wondering if they tamper the downloads numbers.