Opera app store

Hello everyone,

Anyone using opera app store for selling apps ? (paid apps)

I uploaded one of my apps to opera app store 2 days ago. It has 70 reviews, on the sell list it shows 56 payments, and status of 55 from 56 is “pending”, only one is “paid”. On the balance above (I couldn’t find normal balance window) “Sales for selected period: 0.99” (one apps price), why? And it also shows 1 downloads when you look at the app on “Manage products”, “app list”.

at the end it is written “1 successful real transactions on $0.99”, what about the rest?

I didn’t understand anything from here. Anyone can help?

And I just write all my bank details on the blank they give “Bank details” for the payment?

couldn’t find where to post it, sorry if it is in the wrong category

Never tried selling anything. Not sure what that issue is. Only person that could really tell you the truth is support. I got very little downloads compared to play store. Never really kept up with opera.

Opera is good only for a day or 2, you get 500-5000 installs on your app them 2 days and then nothing after that as it gets buried under newer apps.

This whats happened to us. So we dont really care about opera now.

Exactly same here, simply disappointing

shit, yesterday there was 2 downloads (paid, now even they are gone).
now I have 76 “pending”, and the money I had (from two downloads) also gone.

0 successful real transactions on $0.00
from support they wrote that, they contacted developers and will tell me the problem
I will also stay away from opera