Opera app store downloads, fake?

Just an observation I have made today, my app got approve for the Opera app store today and its already at 27 downlods but my analytics from my app show no install what’s so ever.

Anyone else notice this kind of thing with Opera?

yes, they are cheating. Maybe they count number of page openings, but not downloads for sure. Very very bad store

Maybe from those 27 downloads, 10 were incompatible devices, 10 didn’t complete the download, 5 did not know how to install it once downloaded, and the other 2 left the apk stored in their device for later.
The point is, 27 is the number that a download request was sent to opera’s servers.

Same issue with me, my app got 25 download after 1 day approved but in analytic then no one open it :lol:

I think there is something wrong with Opera Store, My Game has 300 downloads on Google store, average 20/day

On the Opera Store my Game has more than 6k downloads, average 700/day
Opera Mobile Store

I almost know for sure that Opera is cheating with stats. I understand Opera might count a click as download and therefor download reporting might be higher than the group that installs successfully in the end, but this is not happening here. The difference is too big and some numbers are just wrong, let me explain:

For instance one of my apps has a total downloads only on Opera of 2149 downloads, yet my Flurry analytics shows only 3 total users and almost no Admob request over the entire time (see att). One of the users was me, testing the app on my phone before uploading, so total users is only 2. Isn’t this difference too big?
And even weirder, the amount of ratings for this app is 6?? (6 ratings of 5 stars). There are even more ratings than real users.

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Schermafbeelding 2015-01-08 om 10.32.55.jpg

This is case is happening on all of my apps on Opera, and i have a lot. Thousands of downloads, but only a handful of users or admob request and most of the time more ratings than users. I also notice with all my apps that for every 2000 downloads i always get 5 ratings :), and always 5 stars. I know my apps are good, but not that good :slight_smile: . I’m suspecting that they also use automatic ratings for every few hundred downloads. All my apps are also on Google Play and like normal, apps rating and amount of ratings vary on the type of app. Opera is just to spot on.

It is kind of is a big scam. They pretend that apps get downloads on their store, assigning every app with a few downloads and ratings. This way they can pretend their store gets used a lot and lure in advertisers. There are a lot of app developers who promote their app in their store. But if they receive fake downloads and ratings their just flushing their money down the toilet.

In my case opera show 7000 downloads but Flurry and my ad network show only 2 installs.

Opera Store is not a good place to distribute apps.

That’s why i think it’s a scam. There are plenty of third party markets out there which don’t generate a lot of downloads. But at least they don’t give you false stats and ratings.
I can understand that measuring statistics can very a bit off, but this is just not normal.

I have spend a lot of time on Opera because i thought it was giving me a lot of downloads. Luckily i have not spend money promoting my app in their market.